Why Choose Homewerks Homecare

Our supervisory staff has over 30 years of eldercare experience, with a focus on individuals suffering from chronic illnesses such as congestive heart failure,parkinson disease, and dementia. We are a small and local home-grown agency, dedicated to providing the highest possible quality home care services.



  • HomeWerks Home Care is not a franchise home care agency; we are purely a home grown home care agency created solely to provide each of our clients in the Raleigh area, the best customized home care solutions based upon his or her limitations and needs. In contrast, franchise agencies provide “cookie-cutter” care services since the parent company dictates all care policies and procedures and do not provide care that is tailored for each client.

  • When using a care giver from HomeWerks Home Care, you can be assured that the caregiver is honest, dependable, respectful, compassionate, knowledgeable and will deliver care – based upon how YOU – the client, wants it, not based upon how some large company’s policies require how it should be delivered.

  • Given our customized approach of how we do business, HomeWerks Home Care will make every effort to match the caregivers to the client, with respect to best needs/skills fit, interests, demographic and cultural attributes.

  • HomeWerks Home Care successfully passed our license certification with the NC Department of Health Services and Regulations (DHSR) over 5 years ago with flying colors! Unfortunately, not all home care agencies can make this claim.

  • HomeWerks successfully completed an additional training program (beyond what is needed for state license through Home Care Seminars.  The training program is very extensive and covers all state and federal requirements necessary to own and operate a home care agency, as well as how to provide highest quality care to clients.